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    Make Gujia at Home and Make your Holi Special

    Gujjya is a sweet dish made on Holi festival, which is made by filling corn or mawa or semolina in the maida mold. According to your convenience and taste, Gujia can make different types. Like candied milk or coconut in place of mawa. Baked Gujia can be made in low oil or ghee, which is why these are the best desserts of dieters.

    Gujia recipes are of various types like Mawa Gujia, Gujrat Gujia, Yogi Gujia, Condensed Milk Gujia and Suji Gujia etc. The Recipe is a sweet sweets mixed with Maharashtrian food, which is made like filling in a mold of maida like Gujjia. There is a difference of only stuffing. Like rava gujia, Marathi rava kanji this gram flour is also made.

    Gujia Makers can take a market by making Gujia or making Gujia. These places all over nowadays Crispy Gujia Swadist sounds. If you are making Gujiaa for the first time, start with the suji Gujjya recipes. It is easy to make it. Without good luck, you can become good Gujjya cook too.
    Gujia is a kind of Mawa suits. Mawa can be prepared at home, to make Mawa recipe or can also buy from Mawa market.
    Holi Gujia
    Holi Gujia’s can be stored in the fridge 5-6 days prior to the festival, they didn’t get spoiled that easily.

    How to Make Gujiya:
    •  In a pan, until light blue becomes brown-pink.
    • Now put a small spoon of ghee in a separate pan till the semolina becomes light brown.
    •  Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with soya mawa, fried semolina and fill the mixture and mix it well and keep it aside. It will be used to fill the Gujia.
    Gujia's Method of Making Puri:
    • First, filter the flour. Now add 3 tbsp ghee to the maula and add a little lukewarm water and tighten it. Now cover it with a wet cotton cloth and keep it aside for 10 minutes.
    • After 10 minutes, make this small amount of flour in the medium size.

    Gujia Filling and Closing Method:
    • Take out about 4 inch bottles of flour from the flour.
    • Now fill 1 to 1.5 teaspoons on half of it.
    • Then put water on its edges and turn it into a crescendo form and close its seal properly by pressing its edges in between the fingers and thumb. Then fold its edges inwards and then again and again, so that when it is fried, its edges will not be opened.
    • Thus, prepare all the Gujia filling and cover it with a wet cotton cloth so that they will not dry and will not flutter at all.
    • Now heat ghee in a pan.
    • Fill all the gujia in this hot ghee till golden brown.

    Holi 2017 Gujia
    Tasty Gujia Is Ready To Make Your Holi And Other Festivals Special.
    Note: Keep Gujia’s in dry and cool place in a compact box and they are eatable for 15 days.