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    Naag Panchami

    Naag Panchami , the Hindu festival  of snakes is being celebrated by Hindus all over India, Nepal and different nations. On the fifth day after full moon in Shravan people worship the snake, "naag". The day is known as "Naag Panchami". As per certain reports, the holy Hindu celebration, which holds high noteworthiness for Shiv-Bhaktas, and is commended on the fifth day of brilliant portion of Lunar month of Shravan (July/August). There are intriguing convictions with respect to why do we praise this celebration.
    Naag Panchmi
    Nagchandreshwar Ujjain is a Hindu God Shiva and this unique murti of Shiva is situated on the third story of the Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. This unique murti of Shiva as Nagchandreshvar is interested in darshan just on the Nagpanchami day in Shravan month. This year the temple is opening on 27th July 2017 for the darshan of Naag Devta. What's more, on that day, more than two lakh individuals visit this pined for sanctuary. Nagchandreshwar darshan occurs in a year as it were. In this frame Hindu God Shiva is more connected with the Nagas (Snakes) and Chandra (Moon). A huge number of fans touch base on the day at Mahakaleshwar Temple to have darshan of Shiva as Nagchandreshwar. The sanctuary lays on third floor of the third floor of the world-acclaimed Mahakal Temple. Legend has it that this sanctuary was built by Parmar King Bhoj in 1050 AD. After this, King Ranoji of Sindhia patched up and strengthened the whole structure including the Mahakal Temple and Nagchandreshwar Temple in 1732.

    It is trusted that Krishna, a Hindu God had spared the lives of individuals from the provocation of Kaliya, the snake. It is trusted that one day, when Krishna was still very youthful, was playing by the side of stream Yamuna and his ball stalled out in the branches of a tree that was simply by the side of the waterway. While attempting to take care of business that ball, Krishna fell into the waterway. Whenever Kaliya, the snake assaulted him, he battled and after some time the snake comprehended that he was not a conventional kid. This was the point at which he argued Krishna not to murder him and Krishna saved him by taking a guarantee that he won't annoy the general population any longer. Naag Panchmi is commended as the triumph of Krishna on Kaliya, the most perilous snake.
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    According to Hindu convictions, the house snakes is accepted to be patal lok, it is the seventh and most minimal of all the seven domains underneath the earth. The seventh Loka is otherwise called Naga-Loka, the locale of the Nagas, as a major aspect of the creation compel. The gift of snakes is looked for the welfare of the family. According to convention, the serpent divinity made of silver, stone or wood or the artwork of snakes, are adorned and given a shower with drain. In many spots, individuals watch a quick on this day and even encourage Brahmins to fulfill the god-like. The pooja seen on this day is considered as beyond any doubt insurance against wind nibble – a major threat in hinterlands of India. Many individuals love genuine snakes to watch the celebration.

    The most fabulous festivals of Nag-Panchami are found in the town of Baltis Shirale which is 70 Kilometers from Sangli and 400 Kilometers from Mumbai. There individuals implore live cobras that they get on the eve of this pre-gather celebration. About seven days before this celebration, uncover live snakes from openings and keep those in secured earthen pots and these snakes are bolstered with rats and drain. Their toxin containing teeth are not expelled in light of the fact that the general population of this town trust that to hurt the snakes is profane. However it is astonishing that these venomous cobras don't nibble rather secure their forthcoming admirers.