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    Income Tax Form 16 | Financial Year 2017-18

    income tax

    What is Form 16?

    Income Tax Form 16 is a declaration from your employer. It ensures that TDS has been deducted on your compensation by the employer. In the event that a employer deducts TDS on pay, he should issue Income tax document 16 according to assess guidelines of India.
    form 16

    Form 16 Part A has

     Name and address of employer
     TAN and PAN of employer
     PAN of the employee
     Summary of assessment deducted and stored quarterly, which is confirmed by the employer
     Assessment Year
     Period of work with the employer
     Form 16 Part An unquestionable requirement be produced and downloaded through Traces entrance
     Part A of the Form 16 likewise has a remarkable TDS Certificate Number.

    Form 16 Part B has

     Detailed separation of compensation paid
     Deductions permitted under the wage impose act  
     Relief under segment 89
    • If you have held in excess of one employment amid the year, you'll have in excess of one Form16.
     Part B is set up by the business physically and issued alongside Part A. 

    how to get form 16