June 4, 2020

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video | 11 Best Movies

The new face of entertainment for the audience, Amazon Prime Video, is one of the primary destination to find and watch new releases on your smart devices.

Amazon has been pumping up tons of movies every week and it is indeed a task to choose from the giant catalog. So, we will continue to make things easier for you guys, and this time we’ve curated and selected the Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video. Filled with a range of emotions from laughter to sentimental, things movies are here to entertain. Take a look!

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

A Quiet Place 

A Quiet Place, Surprisingly, this gripping sci-fi thriller was written and directed by funnyman John Krasinski and co-stars his wife, Emily Blunt. 

Set in a future where terrifying aliens hunt their prey by sound, the only way to survive is by never making noise. Not an easy task when raising a family especially when there’s a baby on the way. 

The tension is masterfully built as the family prepares for the imminent birth. Just be sure not to choke on your popcorn at the climax. An impressive directorial feat by Krasinski, this apocalyptic thriller will keep your heart rate in the aerobic zone. 


A cosy, heart-warming family flick about everyone’s favourite Peruvian bear (voiced by Ben Whisaw) who travels to London in search of a home.

At Paddington Station he meets Mr and Mrs Brown (Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins) who take him in. Paddington 2 (2017) is also available to stream on Prime.

Me Before You

Me Before You, One of those heart-shattering sad movies for when you just need a good cry, enter Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin as Lou and Will in the 2016 adaption of Jojo Moyes’s hit sob-fest novel.

After being hit by a motorbike while walking to work, Will is left paralysed and is now determined to travel to an assisted suicide facility in Switzerland. When Lou becomes his carer, she’s equally determined to prove to him that life is worth living.

P.S. If you haven’t already, we suggest reading the book ahead of watching the movie!


Based on a true story, Jack Black plays Bernie Tiede, a mortician living in a small Texas town who after building a relationship with controlling 80-year-old millionairess, Marjorie (Shirley MacLaine), murders her.

Black gives one of the best performances of his career as Bernie, its one of the Best Movies on Amazon Prime.

Thelma & Louise

A bored housewife (Geena Davis) and her waitress friend (Susan Sarandon) go on the run together from their problematic relationships, but soon end up on the run from law after a drastic change of plans in Thelma & Louise: director Ridley Scott’s Oscar-winning, R-rated modern day western with one of the most iconic conclusions in cinematic history

Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg’s classic blockbuster really needs no introduction, but we’re going to give it one anyway. Jurassic Park Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum as three scientists invited to an island, where a wealthy businessman (Richard Attenborough) has brought dinosaurs back from extinction. But an incredible accomplishment is soon revealed to be disastrously misguided, when sabotage sets the mighty beasts loose and puts everybody’s lives in danger.

Jurassic Park is thrilling from start to finish, boasting an intelligent script, brilliant performances and impressive special effects that still hold up almost 30 years later. It’s an absolute Best Movies on Amazon Prime to must-watch. 

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Where the fourth entry in the Mission: Impossible series hit the ground running following a five-year break, it seemed… uhhh, impossible, for another sequel to somehow better that kinetic frenzy. Somehow, Rogue Nation did. Now, director Christopher McQuarrie does it yet again with Fallout, finding that sweet spot of plot, action, and making Tom Cruise risk his life to deliver another pulse-pounding piece of cinema.

Ethan Hunt returns to scale heights and throw caution to the wind, typically at the same time, with his IMF crew in tow. This time the gang are in pursuit of a terrorist group planning to detonate three plutonium cores simultaneously across the globe. 

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

One of the most acclaimed westerns of all time, 1967’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is the final installment in legendary Italian director Sergio Leone’s famous “Dollars Trilogy,” and is now available ans is one of the Best Movies on Amazon Prime. Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach star as the titular trio of characters, who all end up searching for a stash of hidden gold coins based on separate clues, leading to an ultimate showdown, complete with cinema’s most iconic Mexican standoff.

It’s A Wonderful Life 

It’s A Wonderful Life , James Stewart stars in this holiday flick about a down-on-his-luck businessman who laments his suburban life. George Bailey wishes for a different, more successful life, one unencumbered by a wife and kids but when his wish is granted and an angel shows him what life would be like without him, Bailey must figure out how to make the most of the present.

Stewart is magnetic in the role and though it’s thought of as a Christmas classic, this film can and should be enjoyed year-round.

The Lighthouse

Director Robert Eggers rattled audiences and critics alike with 2015’s The Witch, so when he announced he was making a movie about two stranded lighthouse workers, fans were surprised yet nevertheless excited. The Lighthouse is markedly different from The Witch, but just as devilishly fun. The movie follows Ephraim (Robert Pattinson) and Thomas (Willem Dafoe), two lighthouse keepers, as they slowly begin to go insane when they become trapped on their island during a seemingly never-ending storm. While The Witch is decidedly scarier, The Lighthouse is more surreal, and features powerhouse performances from both Pattinson and Dafoe.

What’s most surprising is how purposefully funny it is: Pattinson and Dafoe waver quickly between comedy and intense drama from minute to minute, and it’s never not riveting. The Lighthouse is a bizarre and beguiling treat, and the latest from one of the most interesting directors working right now. 

Lady Bird

Lady Bird” was nominated for five Oscars and won two Golden Globes, including Best Picture and Best Actress. If you don’t give a crap about awards, but simply enjoy coming-of-age movies with honest mother-daughter portrayals, it’s baffling that you haven’t seen this one of the Best Movies on Amazon Prime yet.