June 4, 2020

Hide And Seek Beach Odisha

Hide And Seek Beach, A Place Of Mystery In India

Imagine something just disappears right in front of you. The thing which was right here right in front of you and then just vanish after some time.This is what happens at hide and seek beach.

Do you believe in magic ? Have you experienced something magical ?

Imagine something just disappears right in front of you. The thing which was right here right in front of you and then just vanish after some time.

This is what happens at hide and seek beach. It just appears and disappears with every high and low tide. With every low tide, the sea water recedes to approximately 5 kms and hits the surf of the shore back during high tides is the captivating sight at the Chandipur Beach at Odisha, not just enthralling the onlooker but also offering an opportunity to literally walk into the sea.

Why Shoreline of Chandipur Hide And Seek Beach in Odisha Disappears?

 This remarkable marvel is conceivable without conjuring any supernatural stunts. This normal event has morning walkers spread the territory of the additional kilometers, ease combined with sheer wonder.

Regularly alluded to as the Hide-and – Seek Game, this stunt happens twice in a day. The ocean retreats off the sea shore during ebb, for quite a while, to return and fill the unfilled spread with elevated tide. This normal marvel has sightseers crowd the Hide And Seek Beach to get a brief look at the unmonitored play of occasions, directly before one’s eyes.

6 Reasons Why Chandipur Hide And Seek Beach Is Special

1) It’s Magic!

The Chandipur coast has achieved worldwide ubiquity for its ‘Evaporating Sea’ marvel. Here one can truly observe the ocean vanish (read subside) by right around 5 to 6 kilometers ordinarily during low tide and afterward returns at elevated tide. This uncommon occasion happens two times every day.

2) A Walk to Remember

The subsiding waters at low tide offer a brilliant chance to stroll into the ocean, ride a bicycle or even drive a vehicle! The energizing possibility of wandering valiantly into the seabed pulls in a great deal of inquisitive guests to this sea shore.

3) Succulent Seafood

Chandipur is renowned for its fish – extraordinarily the prawns and pomfrets. So whenever you’re there, remember to attempt some divine Odia-style singed prawns and pomfret in one of the little sea shore shacks.

4) Picturesque and Unexplored

Sand rises, rough drifts and verdant Casuarina trees make Chandipur one of the most tremendous coastlines, loaning the sea shore a demeanor of sentiment and idyll. Not at all like the clamoring and increasingly well known Puri sea shore, Chandipur is a moderately unexplored coastline. Unwinding on a quiet fix of sand and viewing the ocean subside and advance with the tides is a wonderful encounter.

5) Home to Biodiversity

Chandipur is home to a wide scope of biodiversity. Aside from an assortment of fish animal categories, the uncommon Horseshoe crab and little red crabs are regularly spotted on the sea shore.

6) Integrated Test Range (ITR) of the Indian Army

A bit of the sea shore, under the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), is the ITR of the Indian Army. Akash, Shaurya, Agni and Prithvi ballistic rockets have been propelled from here. A picturesque sea shore and rocket dispatch site make for an extraordinary blend.

The best time to visit Chandipur is winter, among November and March, and most voyagers come during this time. The travel industry office has likewise been attempting to advance Chandipur and different spots close by as potential vacationer goals. An intricate sea shore celebration, displaying the move structures, workmanship and culture of the state, has become a yearly illicit relationship here and happens each February.

If you are looking to stay here and enjoy the place for a day or two, there are a few budget hotels in the area that can serve the purpose.

TIP:  Chandipur Hide And Seek Beach lies around 200 km from state capital Bhubaneswar. From here, one can either take the train to Balasore, the closest town at a distance of 10 km, and then travel by road, or take the entire journey by road on National Highway 5.

However, the frequency of the buses are irregular and  it is advisable to hire a private auto that will charge between Rs.150-200 for 30-40 minutes ride.